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See my contribution to Rob McClennan's amazing collection of blog posts on how poets do their work, published February 12, 2020.  I work mostly at night, but you can read about it anytime.  

Dec 02, 2019

Finally: my first publication in the fabled pages.

New Yorker Magazine debut!

It wasn't the poetry page, unfortunately, but I did win the cartoon caption contest. 

International debut

Lee Parpart wangled an invitation for me to participate with her at this longtime annual event in Ottawa, Canada. The "Peter F. Yacht Club" reading is run by Ottawa publisher and poet-about-town rob mclennan. The upstairs room at the Carleton Tavern was filled to capacity to hear roughly 15 readers in two shifts. The reception was boisterous and raucous, and the crowd was not above heckling the emcee. Poets were received warmly, with avid discussions and sharing of content both during and after the event. Here is a link to a rob's write-up.  And here is an audio recording of the event, by Craig Carpenter.  

Mar 29, 2019

SPRING 2019 Daniel Morris, Editor

I was thrilled to have the Marsh Hawk Review publish two poems: "Fairy Tale" and "Sip of Djinn."  It’s an honor to be published in the company of Andrei Condrescu, and two of my old grad school pals, Dan Morris, who also edited this issue of Marsh Hawk, and Jamey Hecht.

Jul 09, 2018

The Dr. Doolittle poems: dialogues with animals and more!

Woods Hole Public Library Reading

Hometown readings are the best! Friends and relatives, and a soiree after.  And the librarians just tell you to outen the lights and close the door when you leave.  

Dec 13, 2017

The Rain The Last

Contributor Spotlight, Bellingham Review

I was delighted to be chosen as Bellingham Review's featured contributor in their December, 2017 issue (no. 75). Here's a link to an interview that accompanied my poem, "The Rain The Last." 

Aug 17, 2017

Woods Hole Public Library

Poetry reading with David Epstein and Lee Parpart

The Woods Hole Public Library presents an evening of poetry written by two long-time summer residents, David Epstein and Lee Parpart. Find out more here.

Aug 01, 2016

Woods Hole Public Library

Poetry Reading with Joan Burstyn and David Epstein

The Woods Hole Public Library presents an evening of poetry written by two long-time summer residents, Joan Burstyn and David Epstein, both frequent library patrons. Find out more here.

Oct 31, 2015

"Poets on Poets" Lecture Series, Hartford Public Library

Emily Dickinson's Editing

Close readings of a number of Dickinson's poems that exist in more than one copy.  By focusing on the changes made by the poet, one can discern the mind of the poet at work.  

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